Too Pure For Pink

Too Pure For Pink

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I don’t know if I’ve ever been a pink kind of girl. I’m not into frilly things. I guess I equate pink with tutus and confetti and similar stuff. When it comes to home décor I like to stick with neutrals…..all those grays that I paint almost everything. And when it comes to adding a pop of color I usually go for something in the Blues/Teals section of the color wheel. But, SURPRISE! I’m trying something different this go around and adding some blush pink into my gray and navy bedroom So far I’m loving the pop of blush and gold and expanding my design horizons.

Here’s a look at what this room looked like before:

Living on Saltwater - Master Bedroom Before

I made a mood board to put together all of my ideas for the room:

I started out painting the headboard before I moved to the new house. I had some left over navy paint from another project (Valspar’s Royal Navy). The headboard was originally a two-toned gray in my last bedroom. Check out below what it looked like in the last house. The headboard I built from plans from Ana White. You can find the link to those, here.

The next step was painting the walls. I chose Sherwin Williams Passive Gray for the walls. It’s a light neutral pure gray. I liked that it didn’t have any other colors that came through in the undertones. The light hue helps balance out the dark floors and makes the room feel bright and big.

A lot of the pieces in this room are things from my master bedroom in my previous house, but my one big purchase was the area rug underneath the bed. I wanted a shag rug; something that was light and fluffy and looked like you could make waves like you were swimming on it. I really like 100% wool rugs; those things are made to last a long time! But I find that there are not as many options to choose from with 100% wool rugs. They are also more expensive than synthetic rugs. But I read a post about the different rug materials and it indicated wool rugs can last up to 50 years! That’s insane. Especially when compared to synthetic rugs that have an estimated life of 3-5 years. I could honestly do a whole post on area rugs, but I’ll save that for another day. But one of the key elements of picking an area rug is size. I did some research and measuring in my bedroom to see what the best options were for a queen size bed. I used a diagram I found on Pinterest to help get a feel for what would look best and fit the space I had to work with.

I ended up going with the configuration for the 6’ X 9’ rug where the rug started just after the night stands and hangs out on both sides and past the bottom of the bed. The one I found is from, here. I LOVE this site when it comes to buying rugs. There is almost always a sale going on and free shipping. I usually find a rug and then wait around until there’s a coupon to save even more. Right now they have up to 80% off for their anniversary sale!

I also purchased new curtains for the room. I attempted to use curtains I had in my last house, but I didn’t have enough of one set. My last place didn’t have as many windows per room, so I have one set of curtains of each kind. I bought a set of dark gray curtains, but when I got them home there was a lot of brown in them, compared to the rest of the room. I settled on these gray and white stripped curtains from home goods. I really wanted to have this dramatic effect with the curtains in this room and hang them from the highest point on the wall that was possible. It helps make the room feel taller and bigger. To accomplish this, I bought 95” curtains. They were just a little too long, once I got them up on the wall. So to fix this problem, I ironed a 1” hem in the bottom (you can’t even tell).

With the gray curtains and walls and the white duvet, rug and night stands this room was in desperate need of some color. I incorporated blush as an accent color with the dresser I refinished (you can read about that project, here) and a throw (from Home Goods). I added some metallic gold pieces to go with the blush pink. I found a mirror on Amazon for a reasonable price, here. The one in my mood board cost more than I’d plan on spending. The gold jewelry tray and jewelry hangers on the wall are from Hobby Lobby. The hangers on the wall have been trickier than I anticipated. They have to stay balanced so that everything doesn’t fall off!

I still would like to find one or two more navy things to put in the room to balance out some of the pink, but for now, I’d say this room is D-O-N-E!

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