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I learned so much about the different styles of envelopes while designing our wedding invitations and save the dates. I honestly never paid attention to envelopes before planning my own wedding. I’m sure that was also the case for our wedding guests. Nevertheless, I had a vision for our invitations and figured out how to budget to fulfill that vision.

When I started researching the different options for printing invitations, I found that online design and print shops did not match what I was looking for. I also found that most of those invitations came with a standard straight flap envelope. I knew that I wanted to do an envelope liner for our invitations, but this style flap didn’t leave a lot of paper to display a liner. Most of these online print places did have even have an option for a different envelope.

I started researching different specialty places where I could print invitations and envelopes. I found LCI Paper and this site had several different envelope options including the Euro Flap envelope that has triangle flap. In my opinion, this flap type has the most paper to showcase a envelope liner. Here’s a comparison of the different types of envelopes to see the various styles. There are different features to consider with each envelope type. There is not one right or wrong envelope, just which ever one compliments your vision and budget!

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