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I’ve been in a rut recently. I just can’t seem to get motivated, hence my lack of blog posts. You know when you are hungry sometimes and you act out of character. It’s called “hangry.” Well….that’s how I’ve been feeling lately except it’s called Singry NOT hangry. This condition is when you are tired of being single you become angry, frustrated, or both. This is my own word creation and the patent is still pending….just kidding.

Last year, I was in a job that didn’t allow for a lot of free time. Now, 6 months into my new job, that has better working hours, I’m in the same place when I started. I feel like the best way to meet new people is one through similar interests and two through friends. (If you have any other suggestions, please use the contact form on my “About” page and let me know).

I started running with a group on a weekly basis in the spring. I love running and thought this would be a good way to meet people. I’m not the most outgoing person, and everyone who comes pretty much sticks with the buddy they came with. Thus, I had no results there.

I’ve also asked every friend I have and even my new coworkers if they know any single guys in their circle of friends. Most people don’t take you seriously when you ask for something like this, or some are quick to suggest online dating. For all of these people I would like each of them to try online dating, themselves, and get back with me on its FABULOUSNESS.

I would like to equate online dating to trying to win the lottery; the odds are not in your favor. I was on eharmony for a year, and decided to take a break from it after lack luster results. I have now gotten back to online dating, this time with a different website.

The first time I was on online dating I took more of a laissez-faire approach, and rarely initiated communication. I’m a very direct person, I don’t like to play these dating games, but I know most guys don’t respond to girls who make the first move. This time I have only signed up for six months, and I am going to be “me.” As Hitch said “They may not want the whole truth, but they do want the real you. They may not want to see it all at once, but they do want to see it.” I feel like this goes for both men and women.

However, my first 48 hours on Match has resulted in less than exciting results. The first person to send me a message was 40 years old, REALLY!? (40 is outside of my preferable age range). The next day a someone even older than that, who doesn’t even live in the triangle, sent me a message. At this point I was ready to ask for my money back. BUT it gets even better. Here are some of my suggestions based on my experiences to date:

  • “Don’t send someone an email that just says ‘hi’ or ‘hello.’ If you’re going to send someone a message, put some thought into it. Include something from their profile. This is your first impression with someone, you wouldn’t (or should) do this on a job interview.”

  • “Keep your pictures of you and your guns off your profile. I support the 2nd amendment, but a picture of you and your AK-47 “more truth than I want to see right now.” The same goes for pictures with only sunglasses; there’s not “enough truth” with those.”

  • “If you live outside my desired radius, especially if you are in another state, why are you messaging me? How do you think this is going to work?”

I’m not trying to be a typical millennial here, I know I can’t expect to find results within a week of being on this site, but my experience thus far has been disappointing. I don’t think I’m being overly picky either.

I know that this is not a normal subject that I write about on this blog. However, this is my life and as much as this blog is for you the readers, it’s a source of therapy for me. It felt good to get this out there, and maybe one day (hopefully) I can look back and laugh about this post. And as one friend would say “It will be a great story for your grandchildren” (If I ever make it that far!).

Thanks for listening,


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  1. Robin

    I read this with great delight and had a few good laughs as well.

    Hang in there. As they say in Wisconsin, there’s always a lid out there to fit the pot. It’s just finding the right lid.

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