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I’ve always been a fan of the color blue, but here in North Carolina, the shade of blue a person loves can be very polarizing!  You are either a “Carolina Blue” person, or a “Duke Blue Person.”  I went to a non-blue themed school, but I was trained to have strong feelings of distrust towards that lighter shade of blue.  I don’t know what it is, but I can’t paint a piece of furniture that color (on my own accord) or have anything in my house that color. 

My FAVORITE shade of blue is a good Navy.  I love the rich dark color and that it is a great neutral to ground a room with.  I feel like you can change up a space with so many other accents that coordinate with Navy.  I love using Navy when painting furniture.  Anytime a client comes to me and says “I am thinking of Navy, but I am open to other options” I am always ready to jump on the project.  It is one of my favorite colors to paint with.

In my opinion, finding a good Navy paint color is hard.  Some shades of navy can look black in a lot of lighting.  I have run into this issue a couple of years ago when I painted Navy and White Stripes in a room.  The Navy paint looked black, instead of blue and I was very disappointed.

After several trials of Navy paint over the last year, I have fallen in love with Sherwin Williams Naval.  To me it is the perfect shave of navy.  It doesn’t appear black in different lighting or in photos.  This is my go-to shade of navy that I use for any of my furniture refinishing projects!

What I love about using Sherwin Williams Naval, is that I can add BB Frösch Powder to my paint when I am refinishing furniture.  BB Frösch is a powder that provides extra durability and adhesion for applications such as painting cabinets and furniture.  Furniture and Cabinets receive more wear and tear versus room walls.  Ensuring that your paint properly adheres to your surface, and can withstand everyday use, is important.   I like the convenience of picking my own color, from a major paint brand, and being able to go buy more at a local store any time I need.  I can also buy the right amount I need for a specific project without having to wait for a new can of paint to be shipped to my house, if I run out mid-project.

Living on Saltwater - Navy Desk - Gold Hardware

I loved using BB Frösch so much, I became a retailer!  It is super easy to mix up your paint with BB Frösch.  I start out mixing up 8 oz of paint.  I add 2 Tbsp of powder to my mixing jar and 1-1.5 Tbsp of water.  I whisk this up until the mixture looks like a donut glaze.  If your mixture is clumpy, you can add a little more water.

After my powder and water is mixed up, I pour in 8 oz of paint.  I whisk together all of the paint and the powder until they are fully incorporated.  Then I am ready to paint!

I hope you give refinishing furniture a try.  I think Navy is a great color addition to any room.  Here are some of the various pieces I have painted in Navy!

Living on Saltwater - Navy Dresser - Kent Coffey Dresser
Living on Saltwater - Furniture Refinishing - Navy Painted Furniture

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