Parchment Paper Pie Crust Shield

Parchment Paper Pie Crust Shield

I have a great pie recipe for you later this week! First I wanted to share this short tutorial on how to prevent your crust from burning.

It is always inevitable that the edge of any pie crust will begin to burn before the pie is fully cooked. There is nothing worse than a burnt pie crust. In my opinion, the crust is the best part of any pie. Here’s how to cook a perfect pie crust using some basic supplies from your kitchen:

I used parchment paper to make my shield, however, you can buy a silicone one like this or an aluminum one like this.

Start first by tearing off a large sheet of parchment paper. Lay it flat on a baking sheet or the counter. Flip over your pie plate, in order to trace the circumference onto the parchment paper.

Living on Saltwater Photography - Parchment Pie Shield
Living on Saltwater Photography - Parchment Paper Pie Crust Shield Tutorial

Next, fold the parchment paper in half where the edges of the circle create a mirror image on each side of the fold.

Living on Saltwater - Parchment Paper Pie Crust Shield Tutorial

Start cutting on the folded side of the paper, about 1 inch – 1.5 inches on the inside of the circle drawn on the parchment paper. Keep a 1-1.5 inch buffer from your line and work your way around the semi-circle.

Living on Saltwater Photography -Parchment Pie Crust Shield Tutorial

Unfold the parchment paper and test out your shield on the pie plate to see if the crust will be sufficiently covered. You may need to trim the outside edges of the parchment paper, if there is a lot of excess that hangs off.

Living on Saltwater - Parchment Paper Pie Crust Shield

Now you have an easy one-time-use parchment shield that will prevent your crust from burning!

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  1. PGF

    Thanks! I used to be able to purchase strips of a crepe paper type product that you wet and stretched around the pie crust edge. They were miraculous. But, I have looked and looked to try to purchase them, with no luck. Unlike using tin foil, or silicone rims which never fit, the paper allowed the crust edge to brown perfectly. I use parchment all the time and will definitely use your trick. I think that parchment will not prevent the edge from browning. Thank you so much!

  2. Happy Vegan

    Thank you! I’m not using aluminum foil in my oven anymore after I found out that it breaks down with heat and leaches in the food…so parchment paper is my go-to product for oven cooking. I thought about buying a pie crust shield, but some people say they don’t work very well. This is perfect! Thanks again!

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