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Some food for thought before I move onto my post. This article popped up on my Facebook newsfeed this week. Boy does it resonate with my life right now (you’ll understand the title of this post if you read the article).

I’ve been feeling like I’ve been on the struggle bus lately. Now I know my problems are pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things and definitely #firstworldproblems. BUT they are real and discounting them is not going to get me anywhere.

As a perfectionist I have difficulty taking the first step on a project, or goal, or anything that I’m starting from scratch. I am very methodical and logical and every step is calculated. Finishing my last project with the wooden door to bookcase left me on a real high. It was my favorite project to date. I felt like it wasn’t just a copycat of an idea on Pinterest; it was unique, it was my own, it was personal, it was me. I look at it from my couch and fall in love with it every time. I usually take a cooling off period after each project to give myself space to think and re-energize the creative side. So that is what I’m doing now….except when I look at my laundry list of projects nothing pulls me in to say “this is what I’m going to tackle next.”

Part of me is still hung up on trying to find dining chairs for the kitchen table I refinished early in the summer. I HATE lose ends. The feeling of this outstanding detail is driving me nuts. I talked about how I thought I had found chairs, here. But as soon as I opened the box I knew they were not going to work and they were nothing like the picture. I went back to the drawing board and found some I liked, but these were more than I wanted to spend. I was holding out for those to go on sale when I found some other ones I liked, these here. I found a really good deal on these at another website, but after ordering them I was informed they were discontinued and there are none left. I think my bad karma with these chairs is payback from when I scoffed at Jon and Sherry from Young House Love and their trials and tribulations with finding dining chairs. Luckily, as a single person I rarely sit at my table to eat, but I definitely can’t have anyone over for dinner right now……

On the running/swimming/Crossfit front I’m just kinda skipping along. No real goals out there, not sure what I want out of it. Just showing up doing my thing and that’s it. I am trying to find a balance with running/swimming/Crossfit. What I’ve realized over the last month or so, where I haven’t had time to run, is that I love running, and I enjoy swimming. I don’t always love/enjoy Crossfit as an exercise; I love and enjoy the people there. I love running because it challenges me mentally and physically. It allows me to clear my head. I solve so many problems while running…..I have to focus too much in Crossfit. Also as a perfectionist I have to realize that not every day I can get a PR or a gold star on the whiteboard at the gym. Not every day is a personal best and that doesn’t mean the work I did is any less important.

Living on Saltwater - Running Clears the mind

This week did start off pretty good at the gym…..I got my first rope climb! I was pretty stoked. I did three of them, and felt good. I am afraid of heights, so the hardest part was making it all the way up to the 15 foot mark without freaking out. I really wasn’t planning on the whole rope climb thing, but thought I would give it a shot….I guess you never know how things will turn out.

Living on Saltwater - Rope Climbs

Living on Saltwater - Rope Climbs

This week in general has been good. I went to a concert on Saturday with friends from different circles and tonight I’m headed out to another one. Tomorrow I’m headed to the coast for a meeting with fellow CPAs. The fun doesn’t stop there! Tomorrow night mom and I are trying out this farm to table restaurant and hanging out. And then Saturday I am going to a wedding with a bunch of friends.

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