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I don’t seek out to make enemies in this world but at the same time I don’t seek out to be friends with everyone either. There are too few hours in the day to waste on things that drive you nuts, stir up aggravation and frustration, or that don’t bring you joy. I find it funny though, that people indeed waste their time on people they dislike, seeing what they’re up to on the internet, following their every move. They “hate follow” enemies/frienmies so they can mock the events going on in their life or they’re waiting for them to stumble and fall. To be honest, I don’t get it. I don’t get why someone would be so focused on another person they dislike.

I saw this meme the other day. And it sums up EXACTLY how I feel about the hate followers out there.

Living on Saltwater - Hate Followers

I know you’re out there lurking, digging through my posts, trying to figure out my life. Trying to decipher my happiness, what I’m up to, and waiting for me to be vulnerable and discuss missteps/challenges/hard days in my life. And you know what, that’s OKAY. I knew going into this blog that I would need thick skin and that there was ALWAYS going to be someone out there that thought something negative about a post. I’m not out here to please everyone.

This whole hate follower phenomenon reminded me of the drama that played out with Michael Phelps and Chad le Clos during the Olympics. In case you missed it, le Clos decided to try to get inside Phelps’ head while in the warm-up room. Then, during the race, he could be seen looking over to Phelps’ lane, instead of keeping his eyes straight forward focused on his own performance. Needless to say, le Clos lost to Phelps.

Living on Saltwater - Winners Focus on Winning, Losers Focus on Winners

It just goes to show you that Your life, Your goals, Your dreams, require YOUR full undivided attention. If you’re going to hate follow, it says more about you as a person than anything else. There’s no need to see if someone else’s grass is greener. In my experience, if you tend to your own grass, there will be no need for comparison. There are two few hours in the day and I personally have zero time to be distracted with information and people that don’t bring me joy or waste my time on making progress on these goals. It’s as easy as saying….

Living on Saltwater - Bye Felicia

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