Burlap Art

Burlap Art

When I travel, I love to bring by souvenirs/mementos from my trips. Usually this is in the form of a Christmas tree ornament, but I also like to find other unique things to bring back. About 2 years ago I went to Hawaii. Hawaii grows a lot of coffee. One plantation we went to had purses made out of the burlap coffee bags, but they were almost $100. Too pricey for me! BUT they also had the burlap bags themselves for sale for about $15. These were in my budget. I knew I could cut the bag and then wrap it around a canvas to make some wall art.

I’ll be honest, this bag sat unused for at least 6 months after I got home. And then once I wrapped it around the canvas, it sat on the floor next to the wall for another 6 months (I was waiting to find a piece of furniture for that wall and didn’t want to hang the canvas without knowing how tall the furniture would be). And now it is over a year since I got it all situated that I’m blogging about it.

I figured I could use it in my kitchen somewhere as a piece of art. It was easy to make, too. I started by cutting the bag down the seam and then cutting the other side to make an even rectangle.

I bought a 18 X 24 canvas from Michael’s to wrap the bag around.

Living on Saltwater - Burlap Art

I centered the design on the canvas and stapled once on each side to secure it in place. I then went around all of the sides and added more staples until it was fully secured. Ta-da! A quick and easy picture to hang on the wall.

I then measured the back of the canvas to account for the lip where the screw would hang.

Living on Saltwater - Burlap Art

Living on Saltwater - Burlap Art

I used a yard stick to measure the distance from the ceiling I wanted to hang the frame, and then added an extra inch for the border of the frame in the back.

Living on Saltwater - Burlap Art -

I drilled a hole just smaller than the anchor I was using for the wall. After tapping the anchor in I added the screw. I left about 1/4-1/2 inch of the screw from the wall to hang the canvas on.

I love how this added some character to this nook by the stairs. Every time I look at it I think of warm weather and the smell of good coffee!

Living on Saltwater - Burlap Art

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