All I Really Gotta Do is Live and Die

All I Really Gotta Do is Live and Die

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Life is a journey. Let me repeat, life is a journey. Maybe I’ll get it if I say it one more time; Life is a journey. I struggle with this whole “enjoy the journey” thing. I treat life as a “Quest,” according to the picture above. I like my to-do lists and goal lists. I see the things I want to accomplish and I have precision like focus to meet them. But all of this gets me in trouble because I am very good at focusing on the destination without enjoying the ride to get there….to the point that someone recently asked me “Do you ever just sit and do nothing?”

I have been very busy lately building my Empire Etsy Shop. I have had more requests for custom orders than I anticipated (because I didn’t plan that this would happen at all). My plan was to start making some things and putting them out on Etsy to build up some inventory so I could do a pop-up market in March. Then things started to sell on Etsy and there went my inventory. I was super excited and a little lot stressed at the same time. When I unexpectedly meet the bar I set for myself I move it, I’m always chasing the next level. I modified my goals to sell $500 in revenue for February. Within a couple of days I mentally backed off of that goal. I don’t even have that in inventory nor do I have the time to chase that goal and get ready to do a market in March. Sometimes my ambition gets the best of me. I started this whole thing to use my creative juices in a new way, now that I’m not working on DIY projects on my house. This venture is supposed to be fun and enjoyable…..the Empire will come with time.

Speaking of my house, I am in the process of starting to look for a fixer upper. I became pretty overwhelmed last week after meeting with a realtor and mapping out a timeline and stuff. I see this mountain of a task before me, and I’m not so sure I’m capable of reaching the top. I’m very concerned on how I’m going to juggle getting my house ready to sell, finding a house, running an Etsy business, working a day job, working out, and doing fun stuff with friends and family. I don’t want to lose momentum on my shop, and take time away from it to work on other things, but it’s a journey, it’s a journey, it’s a journey. (But….I’m not patient, I’m not patient, I’m not patient)…….

I WILL be doing a lot of nothing soon and getting some rest and relaxation. It will be good to check out and disconnect from everything for a bit. I CANNOT wait for some fun in the sun!

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