September, That Awkward In Between Space

Living on Saltwater

September. How the hell is it the third week in September!? When I think back to where I was exactly a year ago, it’s crazy to think about all the things that have changed, and how somethings have miraculously stayed the same. I know there’s still 3.5 months left of the year, but I feel like time is moving too fast. I don’t want to let go of this year. I’m not ready for 2016 to be finished yet (which is completely opposite of how I felt about 2015).

Summer is my favorite season. I live for the start of Memorial Day Weekend in May. Summer is in full swing through the next 100ish days up until Labor Day Weekend. Then BAM! Just like you can’t wear white after Labor Day, you can’t celebrate summer anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fall and everything that’s pumpkin spiced that goes a long with it. But September is the awkward in between space (especially in NC) of “it’s too hot to be fall,” “but summer is unofficially over,” “so we’re gonna drink our PSLs while we sweat to death in boots and scarves.” I have one hand with a firm death tight grip on summer. I’m not going to let go until I have to. But at the same time the other hand is stretched out reaching to grab onto fall.

I saw this post on Bustle’s Instagram this weekend and it sums up my current status……

Living on Saltwater - Summer 2016

It’s hard to let go of a good thing. This summer, over all, was pretty awesome. It was busy and jammed packed with weddings, concerts, days out on the boat, projects, nights out downtown, reflection, and growth. Summer wasn’t a perfect season for me, there were periods of ups and downs, but I’m leaving it with a smile on my face. In preparations for closing the chapter on #summer2016 here’s a recap, of all the things that have gone down….

Concerts – I love concerts. This summer I officially went to 4, but by the end of 2016 it will be a total of 8, I think. I mainly go to country concerts, but my music playlists are eclectic and range from old school country, to Fifth Harmony, Demi Lovato, new country, beach music, and so much more. For the most part it wasn’t terribly hot this summer at the concerts, but I will never forget the Luke Bryan one where we stood out in Hermine and were wet dogs the ENTIRE TIME.

Living on Saltwater - Summer 2016

My baby hit the 50,000 milestone this summer. Eeek! What can I say, I love this car, you’re only young once.

Living on Saltwater - Summer 2016

Projects – 2016 has been my most productive year when it comes to DIY. This summer started off with tacking my master bathroom, here. I had a lot of confidence going into this project after the guest bathroom makeover from the winter, here. I tried my hand at some chalkboard art, here, and learned how to reupholster a chair, here. I just finished making an island for my kitchen and plan to share that post later this week.

Saltwater – I love being out on the water. It was a great summer for being out on the boat and spending time with family. It’s truly my happy place and can’t wait until it warms up to get back out there again next summer.

Living on Saltwater - Summer 2016

So here’s to an awesome summer, 2016. Thank you for all of the amazing adventures, creative space to work in, and the opportunities to grow and develop. Now I can unhide my secret stash of pumpkin spiced shit, that I’ve been hording in my pantry. I’ve been sitting on go ready for Fall to officially get here!

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