I remember as a kid clamouring for a camera to take pictures with. I loved to take photos of everything, especially myself (I was trail blazing the selfie craze). I pestered my mother to get the film developed. However, she ensured me, every time, that I had not used up all the film. (It must of been an EXTREMELY large roll of film). I later found out that there was never any film! To say that I was a tad disappointed about this news would have been an understatement.

Fast forward to 2009, I acquired a digital SLR camera to take photos with. I had all the ‘film’ I could ever want with my SD card! I settled on a Nikon D40 Camera. I knew nothing about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, or white balance, at the time. Over the years I have learned about all of those things. I have taken a couple of workshops, read some photography tutorial books, and learned from trial and error. I continue to learn new technical knowledge to improve my skills.

I enjoy capturing landmarks and events while traveling and then displaying these photographs in my house. Photographs from my travels remind me of the beautiful places I have been fortunate to visit and the memories that were made on each trip. Here are some of my photos from my travel adventures.

In my living room I have a huge North Carolina collage wall. It includes various photographs and other North Carolina related art. With the exception of a couple of photographs, I have taken almost every picture on this wall.

Living on Saltwater Photography - North Carolina Photos

Here is a gallery with a closer look at some of my North Carolina photos.

I also enjoy capturing moments and life events for people. Over the last couple of years I have taken some engagement pictures, and children’s photography. It’s exciting to create images that document stages in our lives.

Living on Saltwater Photography - Family and Couples Photography

Living on Saltwater Photography - Children's Photography

Living on Saltwater Photography - Family Photography

I have also started taking photos of house remodels for some local designers. This subject is one of my favorite as it combines my love for home renovations and photography. I love seeing the new interior design technology, room configurations and unique styles.

Living on Saltwater Photography - Interior Design Photos

I will be adding new photos and galleries, to the site. Check back often for new updates.

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