Date Numero Uno: Mr. Opens Car Doors

In my last post I talked about the 48 first date challenge for 2016 that my friend proposed to me. You can read about it here. So here is my first post about date number 1 with Mr. Opens Car Doors.

I met Mr. Opens Car Doors on an app called Bumble. As one of my friends says “B*tches Love Bumble” (but that is not their official tagline). But I’m not a huge fan of the app, to be honest. Bumble is different from other dating apps in that the woman must message the man first. Guys cannot initiate contact after they have been matched with a woman. The other caveat is that a woman only has 24 hours to initiate conversation once she is matched with a guy. I don’t like having to initiate conversation. I definitely think that should be the “guy’s job.” But, I’m out there on the app. This was actually my first date from Bumble.

Anyways, I matched with Mr. Opens Car Doors and sent him a generic message to get the conversation rolling. He was a State fan and we chatted for a little bit. He invited me to go to a State Basketball game the following night. One of his friends works for the Wolf Pack Club and had free tickets we could use. I wasn’t 100% about it all. I usually get to know someone longer than a day before meeting up with them. I like to vet guys to a certain extent to make sure they aren’t going to be completely awful/awkward on a date. But, I went with it.

I met him near the arena so we could ride together (he had a parking pass). Probably not the safest move here (kids don’t try this at home), but I texted the meet up address, his name, and his picture to a friend, just in case something went wrong. You can NEVER be too careful.
In theory it would seem that going to a basketball game for a date is a good option. It’s kinda unique; not the standard meet up for drinks or dinner or coffee. But it’s not a good FIRST date. Especially if it is not preceded by drinks or dinner or something where you can talk. I never realized until that date how loud it is. You can’t talk during the game; you can’t talk during time outs because the band is playing. And you can’t really talk during half time because there’s something loud going on during that period as well.

We chatted on the way there. He seemed a little nervous. I learned he coaches golf for a university that is not in the Triangle. I usually don’t go out with people who don’t live in the Triangle; I’m not looking for a long distance relationship. But whatever. We attempted to talk during the timeouts and half time. It was okay. His friend joined us after half time (he was done working). The date was a tad awkward, but I’ve definitely been on worse.

We left after the game was over. On the way back to his car he opened the car door for me and closed it. NO GUY EVER DOES THIS (I can only recall one other guy doing this). I thought “Shit, where did this come from?” We talked more on the way back to my car. It was going well. I thought he might suggest going to grab a drink, but that never happened.

He dropped me off at my car and that was all she wrote. I liked him. He was nice and good looking. It wasn’t an awful way to spend a couple of hours on a Tuesday evening and I got to go see a State basketball game. Only 47 more to go…..

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