Date Number 4: Mr. I know that Laugh

The next installment of my 48 first date challenge.

It’s crazy when you meet someone that reminds you of someone you know, especially when you don’t really get along with that person. I matched with a guy on Tinder before leaving for Costa Rica that is in the Army. I normally avoid guys in the military. I hate to stereotype all men in the military, but they tend to be immature, looking only for a physical relationship, and don’t really have their “shit together” in life. I’ve gone out with a couple of guys in the military through online dating, but they’ve all been officers. I feel like officers are more mature and kinda have their shit together.

Mr. I know that laugh and I met for a beer in downtown Raleigh a couple weekends ago. He drove an hour to meet me. I felt a little guilty, but there’s nothing out where he lives. I really wasn’t looking forward to the date. That Saturday was super busy. I hosted a party at my house and I was extremely tired. I thought about canceling; even up to the point of me getting out of my car in downtown Raleigh. But I couldn’t do that to someone who just drove an hour. That would be pretty shitty. I could survive one drink (I had to give myself a pep talk).

We literally only had one beer. But considering I was tired and he had to drive an hour back, I shouldn’t have thought too much of it. He was nice, the conversation was pretty good. He admitted to looking me up on social media. I didn’t really bother me. It’s not like I haven’t done that to people. BUT he’s the first person to ever admit that he did look me up. After he told me how he found me, I went and changed some stuff on my social media profiles later. I recently changed something on my Instagram account, which is how he found me. Well I deleted that shit IMMEDIATELY!

He reminded me A LOT of a guy I know from high school, who also happens to be an officer in the military. I don’t really get along with the guy from high school, but my date reminded me of the good things about this guy. THEY HAVE THE SAME LAUGH. It was scary how similar his laugh was to this other guy. We left the bar, but he didn’t walk me to my car and we were parked on the same street! I mentioned to him that I parked in a somewhat sketch parking lot and he still didn’t think to walk me there. It was only 100 yards away from where he had parked! I hate to judge a guy on this, but come on! Usually this means that he’s not into the date at all and isn’t interested (based on past experiences). But he texted me after our date indicating he had a good time……to say I was surprised was an understatement.

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